Imam-ul-Haq will be accusations of nepotism

Imam-ul-Haq will be accusations of nepotism

Opening batsman Imam-ul-Haq believes he was the victim of nepotism and wants people to accept it.

former President and Chief selector Inzamam-ul-Haq's nephew, 23-year-old, and he is afraid that he will not be able to change the perception of people, cricket.

"I do not think this change is, unfortunately," said Imam. "I can not accept that. So I think you need to. Me, as Imam-ul-Haq's son, someone's brother, as well as, if not, very grateful.

"The people chose me [Inzamam] Mickey Arthur told media. They are living in the year 2019, where there is not a performance. I can not be here, do not forget that. I think that comes across in two minutes.

"I have reviewed do not see that. But I'm Inzamam brother, and they believe that they have the right to bash me, as we shall see."

23-year-old, he was not aware that deserves a place in the side, Inzamam, said that it is risking its reputation.

"Inzamam, Pakistan's cricket legend," Imam said: "People do not understand. Why did he bring me once? He has a large reputation in Pakistan, he is a legend and nog. What if he is not talented, He is a young guy that is a threat? Why me? This is not about him... It is the largest of Pakistan cricket star's why it's able to change his reputation? "

"I have a number of shortcomings, and I do not think there is a hell of a lot of pressure. Under pressure from other players, but he is my great. After the two cases, I know that people will forget all that Pakistan", he added.

"Why do I have any Imam-ul-Haq. Now I do not care what people have to say. I have to do, and what I am. I will not be afraid of failure. They cricket. This is something very important. "What can we learn from the mistakes, the Imam said.

"These two years have passed, there are still critical. I know they can not change our perspective. They think that they can not change - it is interesting, but it's not. This is not my career," batsman added.

He won the game for Pakistan and that is something for the country.

Imam and Pakistan shared with the separation, each time off.

"I cry a lot when you lose. Pakistan condemned Babar and Yasir Shah and Mohammad Amir, then it hurts me so much. I know how hard it is to be on this team, we have difficulties here should be shared," the imam.

"I know the people. We are not of the world, and they have. But we just need to concentrate on the game situation, not war." He said. "I tell people in Pakistan, and I love them. If they say, They brought him to that, I will try to make them happy. "

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