Indian aggression will lead to extremism: PM Khan

Indian aggression will lead to extremism: PM Khan

Imran Khan's anti-terrorism with any religion, the Prime Minister pointed out that there is no connection.

On Friday the United Nations General Assembly 74th session, the Prime Minister, Imran Khan years of Pakistan on behalf of the forum and its recommendations are based on 4-point agenda for the privilege.

climate Change

In his speech, the prime minister, Imran, was addressed primarily to climate change.

"He often talked about climate change in the leadership to address this issue, but I do not feel that there is a serious shortage.

Most of Pakistan noted that climate change will affect the country's top ten list.

"One country can not do anything, it should be the strength of the world's total," he added.

Money laundering and the gap between rich and poor

Imran Khan, the head of the government has been criticized for the second issue of illegal financial flows.

Prime Minister medicine or terrorist financing, money laundered money for poor countries to deal with the Western world is not safer.

He said: "Our country is being plundered by the ruling elite. In addition, they can take their money out. It's corrupt leaders, corruption and anti-money laundering and properties purchased with money from Western capitals, we have to revive it Sometimes it is difficult. "

the money is received may be used for the development, he added.


The head of government is equal to a number of Western leaders, terrorism and Islam, and he started after 9/11.

Championship "as the term" radical Islamic terrorism and the use of only one Islam, Muhammad (AS) taught.

He also no longer used by the leaders of the Muslims who are the "radical Islamic terrorism", as well as for the upset, he added.

If we talk about the Indian atrocities in Kashmir Accuses Pakistan of extremism and he would do in the future, he said.

Kashmir Issue

The majority of the championship was talking to the smallest detail on the core issue of Kashmir people were facing persecution.

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