100,000 individuals expected to meet on Islamabad for Azadi March

100,000 individuals expected to meet on Islamabad for Azadi March

100,000 individuals expected to meet on Islamabad for Azadi March

ISLAMABAD: Around one hundred thousand (100,000) laborers of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) are relied upon to join on the capital Islamabad one week from now for a walk in a push to oust the government.

The size of the walk can coordinate the meetings of ideological groups in later past against the administrations, effectively dwarfing the "2014 dharna" masterminded by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

JUI-F boss Fazlur Rehman cases to host the help of other political gatherings challenging the PTI strategies, which as indicated by him, are pushing the nation into profound "disorder and vulnerability."

Geo News led weeks-long thorough research to check the flood of "Azadi March" plan, coordinators' wanting to mobilse laborers, wellspring of financing, state of mind of other ideological groups and objectives behind the proposed walk by meeting many individuals legitimately connected with the arrangement.

The correspondences of government establishments, similar to the extraordinary branch, police, Ministry of Interior, home divisions, National Counter-Terrorism Authority and other regular citizen organizations was likewise investigated in such manner.

"We plan for a major first power appear in Sukkur today (October 28), second in Multan on October 29, third in Lahore on October 30, and afterward the last 'Azadi March' has been made arrangements for Islamabad," said Attaur Rehman, a senior head of the JUI-F who is driving the dissent from KP area.

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Individuals from JUI-F's center board (CC) have been approached to bring in any event 3,000 laborers each from their separate urban areas to the capital for "Azadi March", a JUI-F senior pioneer revealed to Geo News.

The CC individuals incorporate Abdul Wasay, Mahmood Ahmad Khan, Malik Riaz Khan, Anwar Hayat Khan, Noor Saleem Malik, Munawar Khan Advocate, Fazal Ghafoor, Gul Muhammad Khan Dumar, Abdul Malik, among a large group of others.

In excess of three dozen JUI-F Members of Parliament (Provincial/National Assembly/Senate) have likewise been allocated by JUI-F top initiative to mobilse sizable groups from their supporters for the Azadi March in Islamabad.

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JUI-F Punjab Ameer Dr Atique Rehman, General Secretary, Safiullah and Central Deputy General Secretary Punjab Amjad Khan would lead the laborers in Punjab. All JUI-F bodies in towns, urban areas, towns and regions have been solicited to carry thousands from laborers to Islamabad.

Previous Senator Hafiz Hamdullah hosts uncovered that the get-together has an enrollment of around 3.5 million enlisted laborers. Every laborer has contributed monetarily for the walk.

Four holders, two of them projectile confirmation, have been set up for the top initiative of JUI-F. Two other little holders have likewise been purchased for neighborhood pioneers to be specific Attaur Rehman and Abdul Wasey, says Abdul Jalil Jan, the Secretary Information for JUI-F in KP.

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A holder with 40 feet length and 12 feet width costs Rs3 million to Rs4 million, and this cost goes up even to Rs6 million in the event that it is outfitted with best quality washrooms, beds, kitchens, forced air systems, sound framework and cameras, said a compartment manufacturer, Naveed Khan.

Four out of the six holders that the JUI-F administration arranged are outfitted with all previously mentioned offices, which cost around Rs20 million, uncovered a JUI-F senior pioneer looking for secrecy.

An expected 4,100 town boards, 308 urban areas, 79 locale and four common chambers have raised subsidizes worth around Rs1.1 billion for "Azadi March" in the previous four months, uncovered Jalil Jan.

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Every enrolled specialist (3.5 million) were approached to give liberally, at any rate Rs200 to Rs250 each, to raise most extreme assets, he included. About 3,000 boards, 92 from Peshawar specifically, have contributed considerably greater than our desires in KP, he said.

JUI-F Secretary Finance Shamsur Rehman Shamsi told the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) that the gathering claims resources worth Rs28.6 million and has over Rs26.6 million money close by. The gathering has produced, through restoration of participation, some Rs11 million this year.

Previous KP boss pastor Akram Durrani, and other senior individuals from JUI-F are the fundamental lenders for the gathering, and have paid over Rs50 million on the whole to deal with laborers, uncovered a senior JUI-F pioneer.

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Top pioneers of JUI-F state all the enlisted laborers would continue to Islamabad and 60 percent would speak to madrassas.

As indicated by information Geo News solely acquired from the common home/Auqaf Department, assessed 3.1 million understudies are seeking after strict training in around 24,000 (enlisted and un-enrolled) madaris associated with Wifaqul Madaris al Arabia Pakistan (WMAP).

The JUI-F has its connection with this way of thinking, yet WMAP pioneer Hanif Jalandhry and different pastors related with the WMAP have clarified that they would avoid this walk.

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JUI-F administration, Attaur Rehman specifically, asserted that they would bring grown-up understudies (over 18 years) to "Azadi March." JUI-F top authority is likewise confident to pull a great many understudies from 81 madrassas of Islamabad.

Ladies would pass on this walk, JUI-F authority has said.

Despite the fact that figures about the size of the normal group are clashing, yet insight organizations, nearby police and autonomous spectators unequivocally accept that the group could enter six digits if marchers are not halted.

Insight organizations' appraisal recommends that "Maulana Fazlur Rehman can produce quality up to 70,000, 50 percent of which would be from Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Peshawar."

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It isn't clear yet either different laborers of ideological groups PPP, PML-N, ANP, PkMAP and JI would join JUI-F's "Azadi March" in Islamabad. Their top initiative, Geo News addressed, is as yet observing, "what direction the breeze blows."

When marchers arrive at Islamabad one week from now, the administration intends to introduce in excess of 5,000 compartments in twin urban communities to stop the protestors' development. Specialists of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) have gotten out 8,000 police officers to Islamabad from outside the capital too.

The military would stay at the transfer of nearby police, if there comes any need. The ICT organization has additionally requested Rs50 million in assets to bolster the police officers while they better watch the city.

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The political unsteadiness may make a colossal harm previously diminishing economy of the nation, says Senator Faisal Javaid of PTI. The PML-N government in 2014 had asserted that PTI's dharna had cost the economy Rs1 trillion.

JUI-F pioneer Abdul Ghafoor Heideri revealed to Geo News that around 30,000 'salaars', presently given essential preparing, would administer security matters of "Azadi March," dealing with every one of the game plans. Then, ECP's insights indicated that the JUI-F verified 760,000 votes in 2008 and 1.4 million votes in the 2013 and all things considered 7.5 million votes (counting MMA) in 2018 surveys.

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